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To know more about business and it's components the major component is human power or human being have being used for different roles but the most important human human being is entrepreneur in every business.

What is an entrepreneur?

A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

  The true entrepreneur is the one who takes the risk  . he not only  analyses  the statistical information and economical information , he has to take risk in the business and take his decisions in the right manner.  that’s  where is the true skill of the entrepreneur  lies 
Go for the  business of your choice because your interest is more important ,then only you can plan for its success. You must have the passion and interest  in the business .FAIcan you think further if you yourself don’t have the interest in the business? You must have the knowledge of it.
   Then also it comes upon the managing the staff, the way you deal with the  human resource is also important as human resource is the key factor which results in the success  . the enterprenuer has to manage them properly , see to their needs , motivate them to achieve goals of the organization. He should have  good understanding that is understanding his staff having good leadership qualities, because the  right decisions of the  leader can make help in achieving the goals.
   Also the entrepreneur has to manage with the funds efficiently. He has to take the projects with regard respect to the finance they have and how much he can arrange funds. Also the funds has to be raised in a cost effective manner, all these decisions should be taken by the entrepreneur.
   The entrepreneur   has to manage everything finance, future risk, profitability, human resource etc.. he has to be fully organized. he should know how to keep everyone satisfied whether its customers, staff, society or anything. The basic requirement is of being a multi tasker , with a strong vision. He needs to have good innovation  skills ,and marketing skills too as how to be the best and favourite of its customers.
He is the main person who can lead to success and failure of the organization . his way of thinking, understanding the market, consumer problems,  the way he maintains  reputation of the business all matters a lot.
Infact the enterprenuer should have the complete set of qualities and if he lacks behind in any one quality or role then he might not be counted as a successful entrprenuer. 
   The enterprenuer should be the one who is praised by everyone that is his personality is liked by  everyone and the competitors  also think that he is a strong personality

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